Basic Stamp 2P24 module

Artikelnummer: BS2P24

BS2P24 hat zusätzliche Befehle zu BS2: * I2CIN and I2COUT - Allows you to use one I/O pin to communicate with I2C devices. * LCDIN and LCDOUT - Connecting to a Parallel LCD has never been easier. * OWIN and OWOUT - Interface with Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire parts. * POLLIN, POLLOUT, POLLMODE, POLLRUN, POLLWAIT - Polled interrupt capability allows you to monitor I/O pins in between your PBASIC code.

Kategorie: Basic Stamps

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Technical Specifications Processor Speed 20 MHz Turbo Program Execution Speed ~12,000 instructions/sec. RAM Size 38 Bytes (12 I/O, 26 Variable) Scratch Pad RAM 128 Bytes EEPROM (Program) Size 8 x 2K Bytes, ~4,000 instructions I/O Pins 16 +2 Dedicated Serial Voltage Requirements 5 - 12 vdc Current Draw at 5V 40 mA Run / 350 A Sleep PBASIC Commands 61 Size 1.2"x0.6"x0.4"

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