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The Spinneret Web Server is a small, yet feature-packed development platform. The built-in microSD card socket and real-time clock allow ample room for time-stamped file and data storage, and the oversized EEPROM can store non-volatile data for use when there is no microSD card present. Note: A Prop Plug is required to program the Spinneret Web Server. Firmware is not included.

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The Spinneret Web Server is an Ethernet-based development board for the Propeller microcontroller. Web page content, files, and logs can be stored on a microSD card. The serial EEPROM has 32 KB for storing a Propeller program and 32 KB for non-volatile data storage, independent of the microSD card. There is a real-time clock controller for time stamping files and events and a backup capacitor that will keep the clock running through extended power outages. There is a serial programming header and two auxiliary I/O connections, one for level-shifted open collector communications over a three-pin data/power/ground cable, and the other is a 12-pin socket for direct 3.3 volt I/O connections. There are eight status LEDs on the circuit board, plus two that are repeated on the Ethernet jack. One of the status LEDs is user-controllable and shares a line with a button that can be read under user control. A second button resets the Propeller to reload the firmware from the EEPROM.

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